Table1 Sic&mosi2 heating elements

    MoSi2 heating element is a kind of resistance
 heating element basically made of high pure
Molybdenum Disilicide.In oxidizing atmosphere, on 
 the surface of MoSi2 element owning to the high-
 temperature combustion a layer of cmpact quartz
 protective film is formed to prevent MoSi2 from
 continuously oxidizing.In oxidizing atmosphere,
 its Max temperature can reach 1800, and its
 applicable temperature is 500~1700 . It can
 be widely used in such applications as sintering
 and heat treatment on ceramics,magnet,glass,
    The silicon carbide heating element is a kind of non-metal high temperature electric heating  element. It is made of selected super quality green silicon carbide as main material, which is  made into blank, silicided under high temperature and re-crystallized.Compared with metal  electric heating element, this kind of element is characterized by high-applied temperature,  anti-oxidization, anti-corrosion,long service life,little deformation,easy installation and  maintenance.therefore,it is widely used in various high temperature electric furnaces and other  electric heating devices,such as in the industries of magnet,ceramics,powder metallurgy,  glass,metallurgy and machinery,etc

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